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The items on this page are rare projects that I have made and occasionally sell.

I make very few of these and in most cases only one or two, if you own one you are one of the lucky few.

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Vintage Smash and Stab


One off Vintage Smash and Stab with genuine victorian Syringe.


Buyer performs this routine at their own risk.



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The Pensieve


The mystery entertainer, asks someone to think of a happy time gone by, a memory involving someone special to them, ideally this wants to be a happy memory something that makes them feel strong.


“Think of our lives as a book, every day a word, every month a line every year a page. The mile stones in our lives are the chapters, for example when we pass our driving licence, when we get married, have kids. Write down a happy memory of someone, something that always makes you smile even in the darkest of times”.


The participant is asked to write down the memory and who is involved on a small piece of paper this is then rolled up unseen and placed inside one of the little bottles.


The person is then asked to tell everyone the memory.

After they have finished the entertainer takes out a tube of white paper and places it standing up on a small plate, they then set light to the paper as they say…..


“It’s important to remember that even though the best times are sometimes over too quick, that they live on in our memories”

As they finish saying this the burning paper rises from the table like a paper lantern before burning out and floats gently to the waiting hand of the entertainer.

“We just need to keep those memories safe, and keep making more”.


“Thank you for sharing your happy memory, this is for you”.

The participant is given the little bottle containing their happy thought.


“Keep it with you and whenever you’re feeling stressed, or the world is on top of you, take a second to remember this happy time, and remember to make time to make more happy memories”.


“What was the name of the person in your memory?”

When asked to read the label on the bottle it is seen to already have the name of the person whom the memory was about.

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The Box OF Fear containing a

Vintage Smash and Stab.


In my parlour show I talk about phobias and fear and bring out this box. I say that inside the box is something that to some people will create a severe state of fear, yet to others it's nothing.

I handle it very carefully and give it to someone to hold and talk about how sometimes it helps if we don't know the thing we are scarred of is there, other times the fear of something can come even though we can't see the thing itself.

I take the box back and open it to reveal a vintage syringe locked into a wooden block.

I then introduce 5 bags. I show 4 of them have a block in it but no syringe, I then place the dangerous one into the remaining bag.


These are then mixed and a member of the audience decides which bag my hand goes down on.


After much nerve racking tension and hands coming down on bags the last bag is shown to have the syringe inside it.


It is totally safe so long as you follow the instructions (however buyer performs at own risk).

No electronics to let you down.

No marks to misread.


This is a one off piece I made for my own show and will never be made again.


You get:


The Box of fear.

5 Laser engraved wooden bases.

5 Rare Vintage Glass Syringes that lock into the bases,

4 Spare matching Rare Vintage Glass Syringes.

Padded Close up case (note NOT the doctors case in the photo).

Enough bags for a great many performances.

Vintage Antiseptic bottle (to clean the needle in front of the audience to create tension).