Faces available in poker card size,

A5 or even A4.


Poker Size 16 faces plus blanks £10

A5 Size plus blank 75p each

A4 size plus blank £1 each


Plus postage.


Faces available:


David Bowie

Ed Sheeran

Michael Jackson

Robbie Williams

Mick Jagger


Amy Winehouse

Bob Marley

Gary Barlow

Harry Styles

Freddy Mercury

John Lennon


Jack Nicholson

Laurel and Hardy

Jonny Depp

Captin Jack Sparrow

Angelina Jolie

Will Smith

Marilyn Monroe

Sly Stallone

Ton Cruise

John Travolta

Arnold Swatzenniger

George Clooney

Brad Pitt

Audrey Hepburn

Ant and Dec

Ricky Gervais

Richard Branson

David Beckham

Michael McIntyre


Oprah Winfrey

Gordon Ramsey

mark zuckerberg

Phillip Schofield

Holly Willaby


Captin America

Batman (logo)



Doc Brown (Back to the Future)

Marty McFly (Back to the Future)

Willy Wonka

Ron (harry Potter)

Smape  (harry Potter)

Voldermort  (harry Potter)

Herrminie  (harry Potter)

Harrry  (harry Potter)

Proffessor Dumbledor (Harry Potter)

Olaf (Frozen)

Elsa and Anna (Frozen)

Mr Potato Head (Toy story)

Lassie the dog

Obi Wan (Starwars)

R2D2  (Starwars)

Princess Leia  (Starwars)

C3PO  (Starwars)

Alicia Dixion (BGT)

Amanda Holden (BGT)

Simon Cowell (BGT)

Ant and Dec (BGT)

David Walmans (BGT)

Stephen Mulhurn (BGT)


Plus many more, If you can't find the person you want please get in touch and I'll see what I can do.



For Private Client portraites again please get in touch, for these I need a photo of the client. Price for these is £5.

17155355_10155281351045757_8512487272907307298_n 17201056_10155281351050757_1901936050675889667_n 17264619_10155281350735757_352617625678920774_n 17264657_10155281350950757_2043541873958546010_n 17264981_10155281350850757_1706846893038879853_n 17265073_10155281351105757_3581214863109034298_n 17265001_10155281351060757_3344583358649518535_n 17265144_10155281350705757_2782998271037915991_n 17265159_10155281351245757_556624671376427424_n 17308737_10155281353550757_1288713953775627848_n 17308761_10155281351285757_6375566435321251471_n 17308740_10155281350835757_5936617887112083385_n

Prince                 Bob Marley          Gary Barlow        Rihanna                 Michael Jackson

Robbie Williams   Harry Styles         Ed Sheeran         Freddy Mercury    Amy Winehouse

John Lennon        David Bowie        Mick Jagger          Jay Z                    Beyonce

17155355_10155281351045757_8512487272907307298_n 17155736_10155281351635757_8862982930777936762_n 17155934_10155281351915757_5610947087838953098_n 17156231_10155281351515757_5421858869276300637_n 17200986_10155281351995757_7759714660394735147_n 17202677_10155281351460757_5563451695271253442_n 17264404_10155281351990757_5827497403767771229_n 17264655_10155281351755757_1028087142585998616_n 17264752_10155281351965757_3777945205396073632_n 17265139_10155281351790757_8034494248812690382_n 17308901_10155281351350757_7398998100748514455_n 17309043_10155281351715757_4790621517661333036_n

Sly Stallone          Will Smith            George Clooney   Brad Pitt               Tom Cruise

17309504_10155281351745757_1350853981683821951_n 17309892_10155281351505757_377936766020871645_n

Angelina Jolie       Marylin Monroe  Johnny Depp     Johnny Depp        Schwarzenegger    

Jack Nicholson    John Travolta      Audrey Hepburn Laurel and Hardy

17155440_10155281353070757_4167591303861752314_n 17155933_10155281353505757_3484744359827436040_n 17203208_10155281352510757_6438993107004039765_n 17264351_10155281351440757_8541173722745857271_n 17264458_10155281353135757_3493053370209785385_n 17264509_10155281352980757_7087730599844855084_n 17264561_10155281353170757_6154062810029406695_n 17265209_10155281353405757_1820218696823103546_n 17308935_10155281353110757_8927433770243367807_n 17309433_10155281353345757_1288710987728180325_n 17309538_10155281352865757_1626624262277953286_n 17309534_10155281353300757_346641157569162158_n 17309791_10155281352160757_6746482375050009913_n 17264880_10155281353395757_8834962271032709764_n 17264271_10155281351340757_3833640697478113575_n

Oprah Winfrey    Michael McIntyre  Philip Schofield  Holly willoughby  Gordon Ramsey

17022038_10155281352070757_397213052897812988_n 17190365_10155281352275757_2767912625639037113_n 17264626_10155281353220757_8098690401870654574_n 17264659_10155281352480757_8556744766848530206_n 17308711_10155281352830757_6966449452094432461_n 17309814_10155281352515757_1767268831960866624_n 17309890_10155281352410757_7221774979413864984_n 17309801_10155281352810757_4187032259932210712_n 17155270_10155281351595757_3761860818896355713_n 17155933_10155281353460757_3033112965593172441_n 17155786_10155281352625757_1616006390374218050_n 17202889_10155281352945757_1785983877021692888_n 17264141_10155281353495757_4889167904516297996_n 17264756_10155281353420757_2285957762296403804_n 17264758_10155281352725757_6471960854463785241_n 17265272_10155281350800757_2614620816445906913_n 17308696_10155281352285757_975087996213680649_n 17309010_10155281352630757_8760692741706023252_n 17309362_10155281352690757_8047480532921090495_n 17309332_10155281352395757_4354436648706226604_n 17309648_10155281350855757_5156953457989602489_n 17309583_10155281352280757_815913354094268103_n

Phantom Cuts


Available in poker card size, A5 or even A4


Poker Size 16 faces plus blanks £10

A5 Size plus blanks 75p each

A4 size £1 each

Einstein                Ricky Gervais       Mark Zuckerberg Ricjard Branson  Stephen Mulhurn

David Walliams    Alesha Dixon        Amanda Holden  Simon Cowell       Ant & Dec

David Beckham    Tiger Woods       Rory McIlroy      Frank Bruno

Harry                     Herminie              Ron                       Snape                   Voldermort

Obi Wan                R2D2                     Leia                      Luke Skywalker  Darth Vader

Marty McFly        Doc Brown        Ed Scissorhands    Lassie             Jaws

5 6 7 8 4 9 11 14 15 18 20 19 22 21 16 17 10 23a 24 25 27 26 28 29 31a 35 33 32

Elvis                          Kiss

Donald Trump    Phil Mitchell         Barbara Windsor

Messi                       Pele                    Andy Murray       Thierry Henry

C3PO                     Stormtrooper

Batman                   Ironman              Wolverine           Captian America

Walter White        Jessie Pinkman     Jack Sparrow     Borat

Anna and Elsa     Olaf                        Mr Potato Head   Willy Wonka       Goonies

Werewolf               Dracula                 Frankenstein


Beauty and the Beast


Extremely time consuming to make in large quantities, these cuts are all hand finished.


Due to the time they take to make these are now only available when I have time to vut them to order.

If you are after a particular face and its not currently in stock message me and I will contact you next time I have some cut. Thanks.